Girla Obscura (nymphie) wrote in adventuroids,
Girla Obscura

A Polaroid Christmas

With Polaroid stopping it's film production all I asked my family for for Christmas was Polaroid film. I got 14 boxes and I could really let the flash fly!

Here are some documentary type shots. Click for 700px version:

14 boxes for Christmas! Photo by my husband.

The family at the hospital the day after Gramma's stroke. My 91 year old grandmother had a stroke about a week ago. We're a very close family and it's really been hard on all of us, especially because she was such a matriarch.

Gramma liked looking through Real Simple magazines while she tried to work on her speaking. I brought her a whole bunch I got from and photographed my cousin sitting with her. She really liked seeing these photos of herself and the family.

The day after Christmas we went to check out my uncle's bursting citrus trees. I don't know why I look so angry in this picture, I was having fun!

My husband thinks the trees are rad.

These guys, I forget the type of orange (begins with a C, it's not a Clementine) are really sour. We took a bag of them home for cooking. My cousin suggested replacing lemon with these. Or just eat them raw.

I liked to take 600 type photos apart and scratch into the emulsion. You can see an example of this here. I haven't done any this year :(. But I'm gearing up to do some. You can see my notes as to what to expect! My poor grandfather will probably be annoyed that I photographed his pool looking green. He's 91 but loves cleaning it and it is usually really sparkling clean. Sometimes we go swimming in it after we open our presents. But with everything that has happened with my grandmother, he's been really busy. It looks a lot nastier than it really was.

Gramma's stroke and the merry- go- round we've all ridden this holiday inspired me to reach into my Dada bag and quickly shoot off these photos as a response to all of this. The models are my husband (darker haired guy) and my brother (skinny guy.) The set is called Brothers-in-law Demonstrate Memento Mori. They'll be framed and hung together. I have a photo show coming up in March that I might include them in. Or I might use them in a mixed media piece with drawings of elephant skulls. I haven't decided yet.

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