Palmer (skemogorilla) wrote in adventuroids,

I recently took a trip to the Salton Sea area of California, a forgotten land of poverty that fell from slight luxury and respectability to a shambling area of abandonment, empty lots, dead fish, and forgotten souls.

And I took polaroids.

At Bombay Beach, abandoned amongst other skeletal trailers.

Palm Desert on the way there. The white wind-electricity turbines against a bright sky do not work well with polaroid, unfortunately. But I saw excellent photo opportunities for higher-quality cameras (they look like massive public art.)

More faint turbines. The randon mailboxes intrigued me.

We went to this place called Salvation Mountain, which is a thirty-foot mountain in the middle of nowhere, built ouf of adobe and paint; a strange, homeless-ish man named Leonard Knight built it to spread his mesage that God is Love.

My friend, my brother, standing on top of Salvation Mountain.

Abandoned RV (looks more like a bus, no?) The door was jammed, but after some work we got inside and found that a homeless person must have been living in it some time ago. This picture is not an illusion - it was actually sitting out in the middle of empty desert. Creepy to say the least.

We wanted to see the extent of the beaches' notorious filth, so we went to the shore. What we first assumed was pebbly sand turned out to be dead barnacles and fish vertabrae, piled a half-foot thick in places. Dead fish stacked. It smelled like a harbor mixed with a sewer.

Inside the "museum" of Salvation Mountain. It looked incredible. The juxtaposition of colors was absurd.

Don't go in the water. Seriously.

Restaurant (?) at Bombay Beach. Note the sign.

The delapidated remains of a once-luxurious yacht club. It was strange seeing a decrepit, forgotten reminder of wealth in this area (now the poorest county in California).

Hope you enjoyed them, let me know what you think, and take a trip down there if you're anywhere in southern California. It's a short drive!
- Palmer
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