Girla Obscura (nymphie) wrote in adventuroids,
Girla Obscura

Scratched Polaroids

I am a photographer that recently got into working with Polaroids. I wanted to do transfers and emulsion lifts, but when I didn't have the right camera/film, I started investigating what I could do with the 600 type film and my Land Camera (this is the type that's pretty popular, they sell the film at the drug store.)

Enter my scratched Polaroids! I usually wait about an hour after shooting then I peel the image off the back of the paper. This exposes the emulsion and using a tool used in printmaking for scratching into copper plates, I scratch designs into the Polaroid. There's usually a slight "ghost image" so I can see where I'm going. Sometimes I make them into collages by gluing on images printed out frm the computer or obtained from stuff like newspapers and magazines. They're a ton of fun to make. Here's an example:

This was shot last year in Canada, looking at Niagra Falls. The whole philosophy behind my Polaroids is just remarking on a moment that could have happened, will happen, or (like in this case) is just funny to think about happening. It's like a place and time's memory of an event... if that makes any sense. Anyway, occasionally on my website, i offer some of my art for free download. It's a print quality version (300 res or higher) and it's just a way to get my work out there to the people who like it but may not have the money to buy it. I got the idea from my husband, whos a musician, and puts his mp3s up for free download. So if you like Danger at Sea and have time/space, you can download it by clicking here (the file is 30M in size, the image is 3.5" x 4" and a 600 dpi jpeg.)

Anyway, I hope it's okay with the mods that I post that link. I ddn't see anything against it in the rules. However, if it makes anyone mad, just let me know and I'll edit my post :).

I have a few other Polaroids I'd like to share with you as well. These aren't available for free download yet, but keep checking in as I put new stuff up every two weeks or so. If I get enough requests for something I'll mor ethan likely make it available :). Click for bigger versions:

Bird Watching Jared in Spring Two if by Tea
Undertow Water Goes Down I Have Different Opinions of Myself blueprints
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