Girla Obscura (nymphie) wrote in adventuroids,
Girla Obscura

Scratched Polaroids

I am a photographer that recently got into working with Polaroids. I wanted to do transfers and emulsion lifts, but when I didn't have the right camera/film, I started investigating what I could do with the 600 type film and my Land Camera (this is the type that's pretty popular, they sell the film at the drug store.)

Enter my scratched Polaroids! I usually wait about an hour after shooting then I peel the image off the back of the paper. This exposes the emulsion and using a tool used in printmaking for scratching into copper plates, I scratch designs into the Polaroid. There's usually a slight "ghost image" so I can see where I'm going. Sometimes I make them into collages by gluing on images printed out frm the computer or obtained from stuff like newspapers and magazines. They're a ton of fun to make. Here's an example:

This was shot last year in Canada, looking at Niagra Falls. The whole philosophy behind my Polaroids is just remarking on a moment that could have happened, will happen, or (like in this case) is just funny to think about happening. It's like a place and time's memory of an event... if that makes any sense. Anyway, occasionally on my website, i offer some of my art for free download. It's a print quality version (300 res or higher) and it's just a way to get my work out there to the people who like it but may not have the money to buy it. I got the idea from my husband, whos a musician, and puts his mp3s up for free download. So if you like Danger at Sea and have time/space, you can download it by clicking here (the file is 30M in size, the image is 3.5" x 4" and a 600 dpi jpeg.)

Anyway, I hope it's okay with the mods that I post that link. I ddn't see anything against it in the rules. However, if it makes anyone mad, just let me know and I'll edit my post :).

I have a few other Polaroids I'd like to share with you as well. These aren't available for free download yet, but keep checking in as I put new stuff up every two weeks or so. If I get enough requests for something I'll mor ethan likely make it available :). Click for bigger versions:

Bird Watching Jared in Spring Two if by Tea
Undertow Water Goes Down I Have Different Opinions of Myself blueprints
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i think its really cool that you scratch things onto your pictures :)
i like them all! very creative.
Thanks! One day I'm going to buy the polaroid sx-70 so I can do other stuff. But this is fun, too :).
i like them a lot. i did a little experiment once, i had two pictures of the same shot but with the person standing in one on the right and the other on the left and scratched out one of the sides and put them together so it looked like there was two of him....sort of a ghetto double exposure lol. but i really like your style a lot. they are wonderful ♥
Oh that's a really cool idea!

I love them all! I have been really into Polaroids since my boyfriend and I spent an entire day going from thrift store to thrift store buying every kind of Polaroid camera ever (he even has one of the earlier ones from the late 70s, I think). We both took lots of pictures, but in the shuffle of twice moving, I lost all three of my usable Polaroid cameras. :( Before I lost them, though, I was working on learning how to modify the pictures, and I love what you've done. It's making me want to go thrifting tomorrow and see if I can dig up another camera somewhere. :) Thanks for the inspiration!
Thanks! If you do go, definetly post what you come up with :).