Girla Obscura (nymphie) wrote in adventuroids,
Girla Obscura

Polaroids Show!

If you are local to Orlando, FL, I'll be having a show of all my Polaroids at Dandelion Communitea Cafe! The opening reception is Thursday, September 6th from 9-11pm. Dandelion provides some free snacks, plus their tea is freakin' sweet!

Here's a sneak peak of some of the pieces that'll be in the show:
Click for bigger:

Bird Watching Danger at Sea Jared in Spring
Two if by Tea

I'll probably have digital copies available for purchase on opening night as well.

I posted many of these here before, but in case you were wondering how I did these: the ones with the drawings are peeled apart and the emulsion is scratched into. I have a tutorial here (link opens a pdf.) The others I placed on a piece of mat board then stitched into them with my sewing machine.

Thanks for looking!

Note to mods: I checked the community rules and this post didn't appear to be in violation of any of them, but of course I will take it down if you see fit.
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