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New stitched Polaroids

Click for bigger:

Wooly Willis Oscar as Richard Avedon's Andy Warhol
Wooly Willis
Oscar as Richard Avedon's Andy Warhol

My last two Polaroids are complete! I have many more ideas in sketch stage, need to buy more Polaroid film, first.

My kung fu brothers really should learn to run everytime they see me approaching with a camera :). It wasn't until after I took Sihing Willis' protrait that I realized how close his name was to Wooly Willy. I thought about putting a little "manscape" on his face as well, but it reminded me too much of scribbling goatees on people you didn't like in your yearbook. And I like Willis! :)

Oscar's pose comes from this photo of Andy Warhol by Richard Avedon. I thought about just putting little holes instead of actual stitches since in the original photograph, you just see scars. But on such a small scale, I thought it might end up looking like a bunch of random holes poked into a photograph. I'm also second guessing using yellow in the bobbin for the scars. I was hoping to get that crusty pussness that grows when you get a bad scar, but I don't know, maybe I should have just done pink for all of it. Ah well, live and learn!

Part of the fun of these is their certain wabi sabi charm, but I'll admit it is a little nerve wracking working with these original Polaroids and the sewing machine.

And some old scratched Polaroids I finally scanned in:
All but South Asian Patterns where taken in the UK. The forementioned was taken in Tampa, FL. Click for bigger:

Thanks for looking!
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